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Welcome to the Ember-Chártis Project: A Path-and-Position Charting Project Powered by Blockchain Technology and the Global Community


The EmberCoin team is excited to ring in the new year with a reveal of our new name, new use-case and more.


Later in 2018, all EmberCoin holders will be given the opportunity to burn their coins towards the redemption of a brand-new token for a brand-new project, Chártis.


Chártis is the first platform that will track and record the paths and positions of both moving and stationary objects and put them on the blockchain. This includes people, vehicles, buildings, property, satellites, and anything else under the sun.


The positions will be recorded to a distributed ledger behind a private key which ensures each user’s privacy, yet allows for different permission levels among the various user groups, such as individuals and organizations.


The community helps to verify this data through reporting, and will receive Chártis tokens for their efforts. The more consensus that is built around reported data, the more the user and the network benefits.


Earn Chártis Tokens for, but not limited to:

  • Walking around town/campus
  • Daily commuting
  • Traffic Incident Reporting
  • Building and Locale
  • Creating Off-Road/Hiking Trails
  • Traveling Commercial Vehicles/Aircraft Routes


The main point of difference from existing GPS mapping platforms is that our data is on the blockchain, which means it is unchangeable, reliable, verifiable.


The permanence of data lends itself to further analyzing, and will greatly benefit:

  • Insurance Auditors
  • Delivery/Taxi Dispatchers
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Scientific Researchers
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • City Planners


These roles require access to accurate and permanent data, for both the safety and optimization of the systems they supervise, and that’s what Chártis offers.


Privacy is paramount for Chártis, which is why every user will be able to control what data is publicly written to the blockchain.


The publicly reported data will be used in conjunction with private data to provide the most accurate information, while maintaining everyone’s desired levels of privacy. Users can make permissible certain elements of private data, such as:

  • Traffic Density
  • Temperature
  • Weather conditions
  • Elevation


Chártis will pioneer the use of a new crypto proof called Proof-of-Location, which will verify participating user’s locations and write them to the blockchain. Users contributing paths, position of structures, land, locales and more will have their charting work rewarded. This means that it does not matter how many coins you start out with like Proof of Stake, or the money you can spend on equipment like Proof of Work. The rewards are based on the accurate charting done by contributors.


A roadmap with monthly-to-quarterly targets will be made available in Q1 2018, followed by a whitepaper.

The voluntary burn-into-swap is a way to allow Ember holders a ground-floor opportunity to participate in this new project. Further details will follow in a future announcement.


Please know that EmberCoin will be unsupported after the final swap period, and the entire existing EmberCoin team will migrate over to Chártis. This means that those who choose not to burn their EmberCoin into Chártis tokens will be essentially holding an abandoned coin.


With the burn-into-swap procedure, there is no chance to enter in a wrong or fake address. The goal is to reduce the room for human error as much as possible.


Specifics of the burn procedure, including the exact ratio figure, will be released in the coming weeks. We have our CFO Desmond, an economist by trade, who is working on the best numbers for this figure. Since EmberCoin uses Proof of Stake, it is increasing total supply every day. Therefore, the ratio is dependent upon when the burn will happen so that we can hit our Chártis total supply target.


Every step of the burn-into-swap process will be made very clear with ample time to participate. Please watch this space for further details, as this is only the first of several announcements. It’s going to be a big year for the Ember-Chártis Project!


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