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Version 1.1.5 - Mandatory Upgrade before Oct. 31st 0:00 UTC + v1.1.5.1 Minor Patched Release

This is a crucial bugfix version that must be installed before Oct 31.

If you are still running the previous wallet by Oct 31, your stake rate will decrease one day early and initiate a soft fork that will be rejected by the new wallet. Any stakes occurring as of Oct 31 UTC time with previous wallets will not be valid on the new wallet's blockchain, so update ASAP!

Usage Instructions

- Backup your wallet.dat via File -> Backup Wallet in the Ember Wallet, in multiple locations.
- Extract the new Ember-Qt file where you will want it (desktop or program files).
- Turn off your old wallet.
- Start the new wallet.
If you are having problems with Windows Defender you should "right click and run as administrator" and choose "run anyways" to bypass Windows Defender.
- That's it! Enjoy your stakes!

If you have problems:
* You may be told about a ".lock" file. You will find it in %appdata%\Ember.lock Delete it and make sure the old client is not running.
* You may be told "it's already running" Do not close the process manually, just wait 10 seconds and it will end at some point.


* CPU usage fixed when not affixing blocks after Oct. 29th
* Network usage returned to previous levels after Sunday, October 29 - no need for parameters such as "maxconnections=8 listen=0"
* DNS seeders implemented
- DNS seeders are on the Internet and contacted by the wallet for getting new nodes
- addnodes from ember.conf or peers.dat are optional but no longer needed
- The order of precedence for getting new nodes is: 1) ember.conf if present, 2) peers.dat if present, 3) DNS seeders
- Less sync time needed
* Buildbot server implemented and the route to Continuous Integration started with the first successful automated windows build.
* Bug fixed for timing of stake rate decrease (Oct 31 vs Nov 1)
* Bug fixed for calculation of stake rate decrease
* Addition of checkpoints to ensure wallet handles previous blockchain forks properly without reloading
* Money supply variable changed to allow for larger numbers
* Stake light will stay off when not synced
* No viruses detected by virustotal.com

v1.1.5.1 Minor Release Patch

This minor release fixes FPU errors that trapped along the blockchain Linux headless versions and Mac versions.
This version is recommended for usage over v1.1.5.1 for both Linux and Mac. Windows is available as well, bu