MANDATORY Staking Fix Release v1.1.4 - 8th October 2017

This release is currently in mandatory upgrade status.


Usage Instructions

  • Backup your wallet.dat via File -> Backup Wallet in the Ember Wallet, in multiple locations.
  • Turn off your old wallet.
  • Make sure it is off by hitting ctrl-shift-esc and looking for Ember-qt, and after 30 seconds, right click, end task.
  • Backup peers.dat
  • Replace the %appdata%\Ember\ folder with these contents:
  • Replace wallet.dat into %appdata%\Ember\
  • Extract the new Ember-Qt file where you will want it (desktop or program files).
  • Double click on the new client.
  • Wait at least overnight to pickup clients.
  • That's it! Enjoy your stakes!


If you have problems:

  • You may be told about a ".lock" file. You will find it in %appdata%\Ember.lock Delete it and make sure the old client is not running
  • You may be told "it's already running" You need to make sure the old client is actually off. You may need to ctrl-shift-esc to close the process manually


What You Want to Know

  • Your staking will NOT change nor reset



  • We implemented the bugfix via OpenSSL's CBigNum class primarily and block finessing DoS
  • Continual Compounding Interest implemented and tested. Math.
  • Rate reduction implemented and tested. Begins Nov. 1st at 0:00 UTC until exactly 3 days later, when the rate will be 720%. A year from Nov. 1st on 2018, it will be 72%. A year later on Nov. 1st 2019, it will be 7.2%
  • Removing IRC. To be fair, you were great. It's such a shame that every AV hates you so much. Ahh the 90's
  • Autoupdater removed
  • No AV hits due to the previous removals
  • Actually close when you exit. Takes 1-30 seconds. Wait for it patiently or risk corruption.
  • Stability improvements
  • Some slight tweaks to socket handling speed
  • UPNP fixed, and new API version targeted and new code
  • NEW OSes SUPPORTED! (MacOS, Linux)
  • Coming very soon! RaspberryPI, Emberd core builds



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