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Important Message Regarding Our CTO

Our CTO Andrew Coleman’s absence was discovered today when he left the Ember-Chartis Discord server. This follows a period of unresponsiveness, as he’s not been heard from for several days prior to his departure.

It would be irresponsible to speculate on his reasons for disappearing, but we did reach out to local authorities and area hospitals in search of him. We believe this is not specific to the Ember-Chartis project as he has apparently left all Discord servers, deleted his LinkedIn, and has essentially wiped away his active online presence.

As surprising as the revelation is, our commitment hasn’t changed to see to the realization of the Chartis project, and we will be engaging in business as usual. We appreciate and express our gratitude for all the work Andrew has put into the project.

A search for a new CTO has begun, and the community will be updated accordingly.

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