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NEW WALLET RELEASE! – v1.1.5.2 Minor Release and Exchange Fix Patch

The new wallet is ready for everyone to download! This release is highly recommended but NOT mandatory. You can identify you are on the correct wallet by looking for our latest logo, the stylized flaming E visible on this site and the Discord thumbnail.

Usage Instructions

– Backup your wallet.dat via File -> Backup Wallet in the Ember Wallet, in multiple locations.
– Extract the new Ember-Qt file where you will want it (desktop or program files).
– Turn off your old wallet.
– Double click on the new client.
– That’s it! Enjoy your stakes!

If you have problems:
* You may be told about a “.lock” file. You will find it in %appdata%\Ember.lock Delete it and make sure the old client is not running.
* You may be told “it’s already running” Do not close the process manually, just wait 10 seconds and it will end at some point.


• Replaced boost to updated version
• Changed to libressl instead of openssl
• Reduced compiler warnings and notices
• Added freebsd as a supported host
• Made it freebsd and clang friendly
• Updated EmberCoin logo
• Integer Overflow Fix – Noticed on Exchanges
• Network Weight Fixed
• Other misc back-end changes


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