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Mandatory Upgrade to v1.1.4

You may be aware that we recently upgraded to v1.1.4 of our EmberCoin wallet. In witnessing the bugfix take action it became clear that there were old clients still out there whose code conflicted with those who had the updated fixed version. All the data was sent in the same way, to the same fields, but because we pushed and wrote one single block, there was a soft fork.

Effectively, this means that the only way is forwards. We have already begun the process of requiring this update being installed on all related services, exchanges, mining pools, block explorers, and more. If you have already switched over, sit, stay, and enjoy your stakes. For all those on the anything but v1.1.4, we invite you to join us on the bug fixed version as that is where our future is. We have proof of 38 million stake weight exceeding stakes linked all the time in our discord.


Do not touch any money going to or from YoBit. Thank you.


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